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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

ACNRF wish to advance innovations in medical research related to nature, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of CASK gene mutations and related conditions.

Our Vision

ACNRF’s vision is to advance medical research with the foremost objective being to find a cure for CASK gene mutations and associated conditions related to CASK.

Our Values

We are first and foremost committed to advancing research into CASK. This rare disease is very close to our hearts and this drives our unrelenting focus on doing whatever it takes to improve the lives of all those affected by CASK.
Compassion & Understanding

We are empathetic and respectful to all cask families and we acknowledge the struggles, while remaining supportive, proactive, and hopeful. .

We will engage and collaborate with researchers, the medical profession and both public and private sectors, because we know that we can achieve our mission only by working together.
Ethics & Integrity
We are honest and adhere to the highest moral principles.